Halloween Costume 2014– #Boxtrolls

Ever since my fiancé and I saw The Boxtrolls puppets at an exhibit in Universal Studios we thought they were adorable. The movie is really fun and cute so we decided we’d be Boxtrolls for Halloween.

I decided to be Oil Can:


To start, my fiance got two HUGE boxes from his work then proceeded to cut them down and make head and arm holes for us. My job was the box labels.

I free-handed both using the labels from the movie as reference.


20141030_222900(My hands after doing all the drawing.)

Then I colored them in with what limited supplies we had (Sharpies and hi-liters. o_O) I was really pleased with how well they turned out despite the rush (I did both labels on Thursday and Friday) and the lack of proper art supplies.


I attached the labels to the boxes with a few minutes to spare before I had to head out the door to the party we were going to.

20141031_143245My fiance also polished up an old oil can he had, and he made my gold funnel hat to complete the costume:


It was a little hard to sit, of course. LOL. But I was really pleased with how everything turned out.



Bonus Pic: My nephew loved our boxes too!