Check-in Post: 9/6/14 Hi! *waves*

Sorry I’ve been absent from the blog but I’ve been busy with book stuff. Love’s Last Call, my light-hearted New Adult romance is available for pre-order at a special $1.99 price. The hero is a geeky bouncer and the heroine is a waittress/aspiring mechanical engineer. The book will be out October this year.

Writing: I know this will make some people sad, but The Beauty’s Beast sequel is on hold for now while I work out some plotting stuff. Right now I’m working on two novellas, one in the Stage Kiss series and a M/M standalone. I’d love to have one of them published by the end of the year. I’m still hoping to publish one more large project this year, but that’s probably overly ambitious based on my schedule.

Good Books:

I recently read a couple really good books I want to rec to you guys…

The Glamourist Histories by Mary Robinette Kowal. I read these books all out of order (fifth book, then second book, then first, then third, then fourth) but I was still able to follow along and enjoy. I really love them. The main couple Jane and Vincent are adorable, and Kowal does a magnificent job channeling Jane Austen’s voice and world. She also had a great wry sense of humor, which is one of my weaknesses.

Lock In by John Scalzi. I’m a total Scalzi fangirl. This wasn’t my favorite but it’s still a very solid, enjoyable book. I can honestly see this being his breakout book to larger fame and fortune. People are calling him the next Michael Crichton, and I can see why. (In the way of he writes action SF combined with a very commercial, highly appealing readability.) One of the strengths in Lock In is the world-building and the examination of disability culture in a SF future. Really powerful book. (I strongly recommend reading the free prequel novella on “Unlocked“. It’s a good primer for the world and a really interested read in its own right.)


Went to see Ghostbusters with the BF this week on the big screen, and it’s funny but all the Ghostbuster-y things I remembered actually happened in the sequel. I think I watched the sequel more as a kid because it was less scary to me.

I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy (saw it twice), but I didn’t enjoy the casual frat boy sexism. It didn’t need to be there and some of it was actually a character violation (Drax the I-don’t-do-metaphors calling Gamora a “whore”) which just made this otherwise well-constructed movie seem a little sloppy.

Nephew is trying to make me take him to see TMNT but I think I will send BF as my proxy. As a kid, I liked the old TMNT movies in the early 90s, and I loved the cartoon show (Donatello was my fav), but Michael Bay movies and I generally don’t get along. Also I find the turtle re-designs fall into the Uncanny Valley for me. They freak me out.

The next thing I’m excited to see is The Boxtrolls at the end of this month. BF wants to be Boxtrolls for Halloween. We are still negotiating…

Here’s The Boxtrolls trailer if you’re curious.