Me! On a Horse!

This past weekend I went to visit some of my very favorite people in NorCal. Among them my good buddy @Danismi, as well as some of my friends from the Viable Paradise workshop who let me crash at their gorgeous home with their delightful menagerie of pets. (Including ponies! More on the ponies later…)

I went to school in NorCal and I hadn’t managed to make it back since. (Let me tell you, I did NOT miss the six hour drive from SoCal…) So when I got off BART for the first time and walked toward that “University of California” sign it felt like coming home. Which is odd, because going back to SoCal felt like coming home too.

I think if you live somewhere and you really love it just takes a chip off your heart and you never quite get it back. I miss Berkeley, but I’m still happy living in SoCal.

But, anyway, I promised ponies! Saturday night, my friend threw me (literally) on top of one of her ponies and let me take a ride. Apparently I have a very good natural seat and it was super fun. I am looking for my next ride very much.




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