Sunday Check In: 6/15/14

Hi all, just another check in post on the State of Beth. 🙂

Writing: 207aPushing really hard to finish up the last polish on A Midsummer Night’s Fling before I send it to formatter. I’m also still flitting between a few other projects like The Beauty’s Beast sequel, a m/m short story, and an erotic romance. The bulk of my effort is going toward The Beauty’s Beast sequel at the moment.

I’m also working up a publishing schedule for the rest of the year. At the moment my plan is to release my new contemporary romance in early September. (Love’s Last Call, about a dorky bouncer and the lady who loves him.)

I want to release one other project this year but haven’t quite decided what yet (I might dust off and polish my beloved paranormal romance with the trolls and release that), but I would aim for December with that release.

Weight Loss: I’m working up to working on it. BF and I had a discussion that we can’t continue on as we have been, eating and lazing about the house all the time. I’m going to try to start this weekend. Maybe I should even firmly commit myself that I will weigh myself on Monday and start that day? Sigh. Yeah. OK. I’ll weigh in and start counting again on Monday (tomorrow).

Cats: Still fluffy. ;P

20140613_120129_resizedThis is my mom’s cat Jakie who is very dumb and very vain.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Check In: 6/15/14

  1. Minion! Dear god, polish up Minion. I love that book. Plus, Minion dolly is almost ready to go! (I am lazy and slow) Do Minion, is what I’m saying.

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