My Favorite Things: Mardi Gras Beads

Romantic Times con is in New Orleans this year and, lemme tell you, this city is super fun! And one of the most fun things I’ve discovered are the Mardi Gras beads. This afternoon I went on an anthropological expedition to document as many types of Mardi Gras beads as I can find.

20140515_160527These are my “personal” beads that I got my first day here and wore to the Mardi Gras themed party last night.

You’ll notice one of my mermaids is missing part of her tail, but that’s OK. She’s just differently abled. (And she has the best hair anyway…)20140515_160527_detail

20140515_160815I found these beads for my roommate Veronica Scott (aka Mom), she writes Paranormals set in Ancient Egypt and the crocodile god Sobek is a recurring character. So we decided these alligators are actually crocodiles and now she’s been wearing them for the whole Con.

20140515_160723  ^These I caught in genuine N’awlins fashion last night at the Mardi Gras party. They sparkle really well, and they’re so much cooler than just the basic round beads. ❤20140515_160904These we got for my nephew who LOVES sea animals (especially sharks but they didn’t have sharks so…dolphins. Dolphins= the poor man’s shark, right?) I borrowed these for the party last night, which led to the wonderful moment where I said, “The dolphin is digging into my cleavage.” And how many chances does a girl get to say that in her life, really?

And now, continue at your own risk because there are some NSFW beads hiding below this picture of me wearing ALL THE BEADS.





So, as I warned you here is a basic example of the more lewd beads. There are actually a bunch of variations–I’m guessing because drunken college age folks are the primary target for bead purchases most of the time. I didn’t really feel the need to photograph all the different varieties, but there were lots of boobies and penis and girls riding giant penises (why???) and many marijuana themed ones.

There was one set where the breasts on the naked ladies were on springs and were supposed to jiggle…except all the boobs had been pulled/fallen off so all the naked ladies looked like fembots with their gun muzzles showing. Unfortunately, that particular store didn’t allow pictures so no fembots. 😦

fembotLike this but smaller…and naked…and hanging on a necklace…

 There was ONE set of dirty beads I was slightly tempted to buy just because it amused me. Unfortunately the picture is blurry, but if you look closely you can see these little froggies (toads?) have erect penises and the sign says “You Make Me Horny Baby.”20140515_182833

So…there’s my report on Mardi Gras beads. I love them. I need more!

Which of these beads is your favorite? Are there other beads you’ve seen that were equally awesome? Do you think I should’ve bought the toads?


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