Check In for May

So lots of big changes for me in the last couple months which meant blogging got short-changed more than a little bit. Sorry, my darlings. 😦

Change the First: New apartment! YAAAYYY! *Happy Kermit Flail*

The place I’ve been living in (with two large and vaguely neurotic housecats, might I add) for the past few years was no better than a shoebox. It was close to work and in a good neighborhood, but I was slowly losing my sanity. And so were the cats. And the cats were slowly making me lose my sanity because they hated being in such a small space, I think.

Basically, I needed a new place, but moving into that new place pretty much ate April for me. Packing. Sorting. Cleaning. OMG. SO MUCH CLEANING.

But now my new apartment is SO MUCH BIGGER and everyone is happier. Especially the cats. They have windows and nooks and cranies and closets and cabinets and it is generally awesome. I am also happier because I can live more like a Genuine Adult Person now and less like a Starving College Student. We just got a bunch of my beautiful old furniture out of storage and a bunch of my beloved knickknacks that I haven’t seen probably since I went away to college, lo, these five years past. It probably isn’t healthy to have an attachment to Things but, oh well, I do. And I feel more like me now that I have all my stuff back.

blog 1(Blonde Cat digs the new/old furniture…)

Speaking of old stuff…

Change the Second: My Fabulous Boyfriend

So BF and I used to date then we broke up because of Reasons, but I never stopped loving him and I never stopped missing him no matter how many internet dates I went on. So, funny story, I went to see the Veronica Mars movie, and I was so miserable at the end thinking about my own long lost love that that night I wrote him this long, heart-pouring email. Which, actually, I was sort of using to try to get over him. I basically said just tell me you don’t love me anymore so I can use that pain to get over you.

And instead he told me I was the love of his life and he’d never stopped loving me.


And we’ve been together ever since and it’s wonderful and very happy-making.

But, you understand, rekindling true love doesn’t leave so much room for the blogging. ;P

But now apartment is more settled and relationship is wonderful so hopefully more of my brain can go toward other stuff. Like blogging.

How’s your spring going?


3 thoughts on “Check In for May

  1. two big but wonderful changes – so happy for you, beth! can’t wait to catch up soon, now that you’re all settled! 🙂

  2. Wow! Your life is now full of AWESOME! I’m so happy for you–but if you start to miss the “joys” of moving, feel free to wander my way and help me house hunt, and pack, and… 😉
    (Or at least wish me luck) Congrats!

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