Back from the Wilderness…

…the wilderness being Moving. God, I hate moving. Loathe. Do not like. I have to be REALLY fed up with my current place before I will consider moving. (And I was. Cats were too.)

But now I’m all the way out of the old place and into the new, everything has been cleaned, keys have been returned and I can finally have my brain back for other things. Like writing! Yay! And blogging! Yay! And having a social life! YAY!

Quick catch up:

*I am having a giveaway for Marie Force’s latest contemporary romance ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE over at my Facebook page. Drop a comment there for your chance to win. And maybe “Like” my page while you’re over there? If you haven’t already? 🙂

*Captain America: The Winter Soldier is awesome. Go see it. Here is a very excellent if spoilery review from the Hello Tailor blog about it.

*Internet Repair Men are scary. Just ask Blonde Cat. He spent all of last Friday in a cupboard:

20140404_093224_resized_1How’s your month going?