Fun Links for Tuesday 3-25-14

A few Oscar things in here, but still fun stuff…

*My friend Drea found this first. It’s a really interesting oral history of how the Lord of the Rings folks structured their Oscars campaign to make sure Return of the King was honored the way it deserved. “An Oral History of The Return of the King’s Best Picture Win“:

we went beyond the specific movie and campaigned for the trilogy, because we knew this was our shot. Some people accused us, saying “Well, you can’t campaign for the trilogy, you can only campaign for this movie.” Again, it was the last gasp. What they’re voting for was the scope of the trilogy, not necessarily the individual [film].

*GREAT photoblog with Oscar nominees photo-shopped together with their younger selves. Click here.

*A new short story from Ursula Vernon “The Vision of Crazy-Wool.” I wish I could afford one of her artisan plushies that are tied into this story. So cute!

*A wonderful post from the Bamboo Killers screenwriting blog: “Be the Change

Art begets change….We can make a difference with what we write….When every black person you see on film is a thug, you are more likely to believe that black people are plotting to shoot you. When every gay person you see on film is a sexual predator, of course you believe that the gay community is coming for your children. And when every woman you see in film is a wife/mother/victim, you’re far more inclined to believe that we’re not capable of anything more. This is why I write female protagonists so often. I don’t write them just because I’m a woman. I write them because I want to SEE women – women I can relate to, women who aren’t just running scared or trying to please the male lead.

*Amazing video: “How Wolves Change Rivers”