Check In: Weight Loss and Writing


All right, so the diet basically imploded. 😦 I think it was a variety of things… usually I cook Sunday afternoons and then eat the leftovers all week as dinner. Well, two weekends ago the thing I cooked gave me horrible food poisoning so I threw out the leftovers, and then this past weekend I ran out of time and didn’t cook on Sunday. Which meant I didn’t cook at all. Either week. Which meant I had fast food basically every night. Sigh.

I’m just too tired to cook when I get home from work. I know this about myself and I have been coming up with strategies to combat it, but when I don’t follow the strategies I fall off the wagon. Double sigh. I also started sugar-bingeing. That’s another slippery slope. If you aren’t eating sugar you usually don’t want it, but once you have that first bite you need more and more and…

Today I’m going out to dinner with a friend, and last night I had a date. That’s another problem: socializing. I’m not going to stop going out to eat, and I’m obviously going to keep seeing my friends, but it’s hard to adjust to eating healthy. If I’m at Islands I want the damn cheese fries, you know? Alas. Alack.

I think most of this is just I need to get back in the right headspace. And tracking again and doing weigh-in. The weigh-in is very useful for kicking my ass in gear. Maybe I should do a daily weigh-in just for a little while to keep me on the straight and narrow…

Anyway, I’m going to hit the reset on the diet starting Saturday. You heard it here.

Oh, I have been feeling better about myself, mostly. I’ve been trying to dress cuter and not just resort to jeans all the time. I have even taken a couple selfies of said cuteness, if you’re curious. ;P

3-6-14 20140306_190539_resizedDate outfit. I wasn’t going for naughty librarian, but I ended up there anyway. Go figure…


I’m doing a lot of stuff to get my next three books out into the world. If you poke around the sidebar you’ll see that I’ve updated all my book pages with more information, also character art and other fun goodies. Right now, Heir to the Underworld just had its facelift with the new cover and a slight tweak of the paperback files. Next up is my first book The Beauty’s Beast, a sweet fantasy romance about a cursed werewolf knight and the lady who loves him. That one just needs formatting which hopefully should be done in the next couple weeks. I’m also working on the paperback file so that might come out before the ebook version. I’ll keep y’all posted. 😉