Weekend Writing Warriors: Nice to meet you…

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Today for Weekend Writing Warriors my excerpt is from my YA fantasy romance Heir to the Underworld, (which just got a fabulous new cover this week).

In the scene before this moment, the hero Polydegmon was attacked and badly wounded. The heroine rescued him from the monsters, but now our hero has to face something much more fearsome than supernatural terrors…his new girlfriend’s father!

Once his beautiful savior left the kitchen, an eternity of silence stretched between Polydegmon and her guardian. The steady drip of blood onto the tile floor became the only sound in the room.

The girl’s father drew himself up. He looked far more formidable than a barefooted man in polka dot boxers and a frayed old T-shirt had any right to be. “I warn you, my lord,” the guardian’s voice pulsed with fury, “god though you are, I will break you with my bare hands if you harm that child.”

Polydegmon grinned, still entertained despite the blood that pooled at his feet, despite the terrible pain that coursed through his body. “I meant no harm…”

HEIR TO THE UNDERWORLD is currently available for the Kindle. Click here. You can learn more about the book and read the first chapter here.

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The Story: Feisty Frederica Fitzgerald is just one day shy of her sweet sixteen when she’s nearly run over by a tall, dark dreamboat on a big black horse. Freddy can deal with the running over part–no harm done. The problem is the rider, Mr. Sex Bomb himself: Polydegmon, son of Hades and heir to the Greek Underworld.

Freddy’s hooked on Polydegmon from the start (although dude, togas went out of style several thousand years ago), being near him is enough to make her tingle down to her toes. But he’s got secrets he isn’t sharing, and trouble follows him closer than his own shadow: rabid dogs running around the suburbs, insane crows stalking Freddy and, worst of all, the feral fairies of the Wild Hunt trolling her hometown for their next bit of human game.

The closer Freddy gets to Deg, the weirder her life becomes, until Freddy discovers something about her own past that changes everything she ever thought she knew about herself. And her world…

Hope you enjoyed the snippet above, and don’t forget to check out all the other 8 sentence excerpts this week.


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  1. This sounds like a fun story. The cover is awesome! I love the detail of the dripping blood. Very well done!

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