Fun Links for Your Tuesday Morning

Oh look! Another collection of fun links from around the internets… 😀

Let’s start with some Muppets! YAYYYYYYY!!!! *Kermit Flail of Happiness*

*The Muppets do meta so very well…and, in other news, Miss Piggy is totally my spirit animal.

*Moving on, an article that attempts to explain “Why Writers are the Worst Procrastinators

The reason we struggle with”insecurity,” says Pastor Steven Furtick, “is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.

*”How Creativity Works: Neil Gaiman on Where Ideas Come From

*”A Tale of Two Batmans” A great article by The Bitter Script Reader comparing the Burton Batman with the Nolan Batman and what Nolan did right. (Also, yes, The Lego Movie is awesome. Go see it. ;P)

But in an objective sense, I think there’s a lot that the Nolan series gets right that the creators that preceeded [sic] him got wrong.  I was watching the excellent documentary that’s exclusive to The Dark Knight box set recently and screenwriter David Goyer made a really important observation.  I didn’t write down the exact quote, but he says that earlier films always seemed to start with “Who’s the villain going to be?” while the Nolan films always were conceived by thinking about “What’s the story we want to tell?” and figuring out which villains best serve that story….Batman comes out of The Dark Knight a changed man.  Name any of the films in the first series where Bruce Wayne is a significantly different person at the end of his journey.

*Watch three guys try to create that smokey-eye look that men love so much. The bit where they attempt liquid eyeliner is particularly good. 🙂

And that’s all for now. How’s your week going?


2 thoughts on “Fun Links for Your Tuesday Morning

    • The muppets are awesome. 🙂

      Interesting article. I agree writers need re-charge time but I think at the point you’ve been on Tumblr for 6 hours you’ve probably crossed into procrastination and not brain re-charge time. LOL. 😉

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