Weight Loss: Week Five

Well, as I mentioned last week, crawling back on the wagon is pretty hard once you’ve fallen off and rolled in the dirt a bit. Last week, I had pizza and fried zucchini (on the same day). The next day I had Islands (no bun on the burger. Although I did have cheese fries and ranch. Oops.) AND Dots cupcakes same day. The day after THAT I had a Habit cheeseburger (again no bun) and sweet potato fries. I also bought 3 Cadbury caramel eggs and, instead of eating them spaced out as I had planned, ate them all in about 15 minutes.

I blew it again today too and had a donut for breakfast (although I still have a hope of making my calories today, actually.) I also skipped out on swing dancing last week.

In short, I didn’t fall off the wagon. I threw myself off it.

Fortunately, I went for LONG walks on Friday and Saturday in the heat and when I wasn’t pigging out on junk the rest of my eating was good. So, once again, I break even. Oh, I also joined the FitBit cult and bought a Zip which clicks onto the bra. Very convenient. I like it so far, although I worry it is being too generous with exercise points. But, anyway, to get to the meat of the matter…

Weight Loss this week: 0lbs

Weight Gain this week: 0lbs

Next week I would really like to go back to losing, so tomorrow I start being really responsible again and making good food choices. And I WILL go swing dancing this week. If I come back next week and say I didn’t go dancing then you reach through the internet and smack me. All of you. ;P

In the meantime, another thing I slacked on last week was laundry, which meant I had to go digging in the bowels of my closet for clean clothes which meant that I actually dressed much cuter than usual last week. Not being able to fall back on jeans made me actually work to come up with outfits. Funny enough, I was pretty pleased with the results…

2-13-142-13-141 2-13-14a I really love this belt and I hadn’t ever found opportunity to wear it before. I just threw it on that morning on a whim, and it ended up looking really cute…

1888939_820113464672385_2007772838_oSame belt. Different dress.

Last but not least…

Recommended Recipe:

Pork Tenderloin with Mustard Sauce

I did kind of a weird thing and subbed the pork out for ground turkey because I figured pork leftovers would go bad before I had a chance to finish them. It was really good, though, I love the tart mustard-y sauce.


2 thoughts on “Weight Loss: Week Five

  1. Having compared my fitbit to a regular pedometer, I will tell you it is depressingly LESS generous with the step count. Like, a lot a lot. Regular pedometer would say my usual work day is over 20,000 steps. Fitbit? Nah man, you’re hitting 15,000, max. So… you may actually be doing more than you realize. Thing kicks my ass with low numbers when I’m off for the day and bumming around at home ;P

    • That’s good to know, but I guess my concern was it was telling me I was earning all the extra calories on work days (because there is a fair amount of walking, yes, with the parking being so far away) BUT I’ve been working there for years and I think that walking hasn’t really been helping me stay slim. So I hesitate to count work walking toward calories at all.

      If that makes sense…

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