Fun Links for Friday: Valentine’s Day Edition

This gif speaks to me on a spiritual level…

So, we haven’t had a link round up in awhile, as my V-Day gift to you have some cool stuff I found for you on the internet…

*If you must distribute valentine’s today here, have some Pacific Rim ones.

*Great discussion going on over at Jennifer Crusie’s blog about what makes a Great Love Scene. Some of the moments I mentioned are the balcony scene from The Big Easy, the “epic” speech from Veronica Mars‘ prom episode and, of course, “I love you.” “I know.”

*Zooborns. An entire website devoted to nothing but pictures cute baby animals. You’re welcome. 🙂

*”Prince Hans: The Mirror“–a brilliant essay on the symbolism of Hans in Frozen by The Break of Dawn on tumblr. Well thought out and intellectual essays about geekdom are my absolute favorite. ^_^

*Last but not least, a fabulous article from Emily Asher-Perrin on about how much of a badass Luke Skywalker is. Because he really is you know.  One of my favorite bits from the article:

Luke almost turns to the dark side as a bite back for having his mind plundered, but also to protect his sister….What no one was counting on is simply this: Luke Skywalker is nothing like his father. Not one iota (whatever that is). Luke is loving for unselfish reasons, he is constant and stable, he is not there for glory or even to save the universe. He’s there to prove to himself that he won’t turn.

He’s there because he wants his father back.

But Luke doesn’t simply stop thrashing Vader and roll over. He rubs it in the Emperor’s face. He could have just said no, he could have disengaged and backed into a corner. Instead he stands up, realigns his spine, and tells the Emperor “You’ve failed, Your Highness.”

Luke Skywalker, Return of the Jedi, Star Wars

That’s it for now. Hope you all had a wonderful day, chaps. Let me know if there was anything else cool going on over the interwebs that I missed. 🙂


Beth Matthews