Weight Loss: Week Four

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My sister was going through a bit of a tough time this past week, and then I was pretty stressed at work. And the way we deal with stress in my family is to eat. This week was no exception. To cheer my sister up I took her to Islands last Monday night and I didn’t even try to make healthy substitutions. Trust me when I say it just wasn’t a night for it. And, as I’ve said before, my diet philosophy is moderation not deprivation. One cheeseburger does not have the power to ruin my life.

But then a coworker brought a bunch of yummy snackfood back from the Philippines that I basically binged on. And then I also had a “fuck it” moment on Friday and instead of coming home to polish off my leftovers I had fried zucchini smothered in ranch for dinner instead. Sigh. That is the problem with falling off the wagon. It is harder to get back on.

That said, I realized I was off-track during the week, so Friday and Saturday I worked hard to make sure I hit goal, and I made sure to exercise to counteract some of the bad eating earlier in the week. I did a 45 minute walk each day, which came out to a little over 3 miles. I think I’ve found a route that won’t bother my hip too much until I can get it looked at. It’s basically a straight shot with just a little up and downhill stuff. It’s not the most vigorous exercise but at the moment the goal is to do what I can exercise-wise without borking up my hip.

So, to sum up, I didn’t make great food choices this past week but I still did what I could to offset that with exercise and eating right the rest of the days.

Speaking of offsetting overeating…tomorrow night is my sister’s birthday. There will be delicious cheeseburgers and Dots cupcakes. I’m going to try to make my calories but it is probably futile since I also have a policy that if I am hungry (stomach growling hungry) I get to eat no matter what the calorie count says. So I’m not going to starve myself tomorrow just so I can eat ALL THE THINGS at the end of the day. But I’m also not skipping Dots cupcakes. Ever. It’s one of those quality of life things. 🙂

Anyway, time for the check in…

Weight loss this week: 1.1lbs (yay!!!)

Total Weight Loss to Date: 6.6lbs

I know I said I was moving to monthly progress pics, but I looked really cute today! lol. ;P

2-10-14Cardigan, dress, tights and boots all from Modcloth. Like 90% of my wardrobe…

2-10-14a2-10-14bI added this one just because the other two don’t show the pretty blue of the tights very well…

And now, for MORE added funness…

Recommended Recipe:

Asparagus and Mushroom Pasta

This was really simple to make, very little prep time, very little cook time. It was pretty tasty and a great way to get your veggies in. Just make sure you remember the Parmesan! It’s a little bland without the cheese.

I’m trying to try a new recipe every week, have any recommendations for me?


6 thoughts on “Weight Loss: Week Four

  1. I like to make a big pot of this soup (though I like kale better than collard greens, so I substitute) and eat it for a few days. http://allrecipes.com/recipe/lentil-and-green-collard-soup/ It’s fairly filling, but I wouldn’t recommend going without a little side sandwich, wrap, or something. But, yeah, yummy! And kale!

    Also, if you’re craving mac & cheese and are willing to spend a little time (maybe weekend cooking) this low-cal mac & cheese is THE BEST. I like it better than recipes heavy with cream and butter because it tastes just as good but less heavy. (The secret is butternut squash!) http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/creamy-light-macaroni-cheese-50400000115195/

    In general, I think Cooking Light does a good job making tasty substitutions without going overboard. Maybe browse there?

    Good luck! You look *fabulous* in that lovely dress!

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