Saturday Stuff: Cupcakes and Kitty Cats

I went for an hour walk today, burned about 280 calories. Whee!

Then, when I came back, and I was doing my cool down stretches this happened:




Just a little hard to get your stretching done while a giant, purring, needy housecat weaves between your legs and quite literally throws himself at your feet. (He makes a *WOMP* sound when he does this, btw. He’s the one who should be dieting, honestly.)

In writing news, I’m starting my next novel TODAY. And I decided as part reward, part celebration, part bribe to work hard, that I get three mini cupcakes if I make it to 2000 words today and tomorrow (3 mini-cupcakes/2000 thousand words/per day). Dots mini-cupcakes are some of my favorite things ever so this is a pretty powerful bribe.

blogAren’t they beautiful?

Don’t worry it’s just for this weekend to give me a little start-the-novel-boost. And I’ve decided that if I don’t make word count I don’t get to eat the cupcakes; I have to take them to work and give them away. Yes, I’m a big meanie.

blog 5

Don’t they look so sad in their tupperware prison?! Don’t worry cupcakes! I am going to free you soon!

Update: Day 1 down. 2293 words for the day. Cupcakes here I come!!!