Weight Loss: Week Two

First off, I’ve decided to switch to monthly progress pics instead of weekly. I just think weekly there isn’t much difference between pics so I didn’t much see the point.

All right. Two weeks in, how am I doing?

Lost 3lbs this week. 6 lbs total so far. Whee!

The weight has been coming off easy which actually means to me that I have been eating WAY TOO MUCH crap if all I had to do was start eating healthy to shed 6lbs in two weeks. That is ridiculous, which means my eating was equally ridiculous.

I actually think this is a fluke and it’s going to slow down (probably this week). It’s nice, though. The jeans are looser and a dress I wore this week–the last time I wore it I could barely get it zipped–but this week I didn’t have a problem at all. My stomach is also happier. Being full is actually a really shitty feeling if you stop and analyze it. Your gut feels tight, you’re sluggish, sometimes in physical pain. I try hard to remember this when I want to keep gorging on whatever.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the grocery store on Sunday which means I have been running out of food. I had Chinese Sunday, pizza Monday and I had rotisserie chicken and red potatoes at the work caf today for lunch. There were also TWO birthday parties this week. (Of course I had cake. You don’t go to a birthday party and skip the cake!) I don’t think I’ve been going wildly over because I am being very careful to watch portion size and stop when I’m full. Still…we’ll see at this week’s weigh-in.


I’m also going out with a friend Friday. I don’t plan to drink but I can’t imagine there will be very healthy food wherever we end up eating. Still, I will try to make the healthiest choices amongst the food on offer.