Weight Loss: Week One–How’d I Do?

Last week I announced my plans to start eating healthier and exercising. (Ok, yes, it’s a diet, but I find that thinking about it that way is a harmful mindset to me. I start to go crazy. Better to think of this as behavior modification and not behavior restriction.)

As promised, here is the discussion of my first week and progress pics.

Perhaps because this is the first week and I’m still in the honeymoon phase I feel like this first week went pretty well. As I mentioned in the last post I went out to eat with friends last week and still managed to make my calories for the day. Big step for me, modifying my usual food order instead of saying “Fuck you” to the diet.

I also ended up having pizza this weekend with my nephew and mom. And, yup, managed to make my calories that day. Partly that was because I went swing dancing that night and burned over 400 calories dancing. But I think it’s important for me that I still be able to eat my favorite foods. Moderation, right? The one time I tried to cut out fast food and sweets entirely I did great for about a month and a half and then I went to Disneyland and gave myself carte blanche for the day. Which basically led to me abandoning the diet.

Seriously, what’s the point of living if you can never have pizza or chocolate or bacon or a cheeseburger EVER? So my new approach is, yes, I can eat bad stuff, but I have to compensate so I still make the calorie count for that day. Like going swing dancing on the day I have pizza. 🙂 Also, NOT eating fast food everyday even if I can somehow still make the calorie count. Right now I think I’m eating out about twice a week. I should probably try to get that down to once a week or less, but it’s difficult when you’re hanging out with friends. You’re hungry but you don’t want to make them cook for you. I also don’t enjoy going to a restaurant and watching other people eat. Nuh-uh. If I’m in a restaurant I’m eating.

I was craving chocolate really bad on Thursday and Saturday but I substituted with grapes and other sweet fruits because I know that if I start eating the little “fun-size” chocolates again I will fall off the wagon. Those things are seriously little crack bars. You eat one and then you JUST KEEP EATING THEM FOREVER. So I am resisting hard.

RE: Exercise

Exercise does not come naturally to me. I was one of those kids who hated PE. I never did organized sports. I didn’t learn how to swim until I was 25. This is why swing dancing is a godsend because I burn a ton of calories and I have fun while doing it. Unfortunately, it’s not something I can do every day because the venues are too far away and it’s not worth going to me if I can only stay for an hour. Although last night, it was funny, the swing venue I was at has this raffle for free admission to all the other swing venues in SoCal and I NEVER WIN. And then last night…I won. And I won free admission to the Thursday venue I always go to. I think this is the universe telling me to get off my ass and dance lol. ;P

But anyway, I need something I can do more regularly than once every other week swing dancing. I’ve been eyeing Curves but, unfortunately, my hip has been getting twingey. It used to be it would just act up if I walked for too long (like over 35 minutes straight) but then it started getting twingey on Friday when I went for like a five minute walk. And it was twinging at dancing, which is why I left a little early. 😦

Sigh. Going to the doctor this week to have it looked at. I’m guessing I’ll need physical therapy. Which means more regular exercise will be put on hold.

All right, now the reason you’re all here right? Did I manage to lose any weight this week?

Hell yes. 2.5lbs!

I think this was mostly due to me not eating ALL THE THINGS as I have been and also dancing intensely for two hours Sunday night probably helped. Still, this was a very nice surprise on the scale this morning. 🙂

And now for the progress pics…I tried to actually pose and look less like a corpse although I’m still in the awful fluorescent light.

blog 1blog 2Here have a small glimpse of my desk at work behind me.


5 thoughts on “Weight Loss: Week One–How’d I Do?

  1. If the doc gives you the okay, we can do Curves together. I want to join, but I know I won’t go in alone. We could try the swim thing, but you’re miles ahead of me there, so doing it together would be an issue ;P

    • I’m not really miles ahead swimming wise. I’m sure you’d pick up backstroke as quickly as I did. (Super easy if you are super *ahem* buoyant as we are.) And I still can’t really do the standard stroke. I can’t do the breathing thing.

  2. You can do it! I’m really happy for you that you’re taking charge of your own happiness. Seems like you’ve got a really great attitude towards what you’re doing and what you’re really trying to get out of it.

    re: exercise, I don’t know if this would help you, but I find that lifting weights can be really fun. I turn on AC/DC and pretend I’m Iron Man (don’t ask how… it makes sense in my head…) and somehow lifting weights will help me save the world. (There’s this one I do while in a squat that is like air boxing, but with weights… it’s like shooting repulsor blasts!!!). I also like to turn on a fun action movie like The Avengers and do weight lifing and crunches while it’s running in the background. Basically, if I can pretend that my exercise is part of a fun fictional universe in which I’m doing something more awesome than lifting 10 pounds, it’s more enjoyable. And I find that even 10 minutes can improve my mood and energy level short term, and 30 minutes gives me an endorphin boost for a good while. If you’re interested, videos made by sparkpeople on their site or on youtube are really good. They adapt them well for many fitness levels and I think their instructors are pretty clear about how to do the exercises properly. And, big upside, it’s all free and can be done at home with super cheap or indeed no equipment. Anyway, don’t know if this sort of thing might be fun for you too, but I thought I’d mention it.

    Encouragement all around! I wish you all the best

  3. I am cheering you on! I am slogging through some physical therapy stuff myself. Solidarity in health!

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