Weight Loss: Time to Kick Some Ass (Namely mine)

(This post gets kind of personal and might venture into TMI for some people. Just fair warning. Feel free to skip. Also, since I do get so personal, I will delete any inappropriate comments. Keep it classy please.)

Of my incomplete resolutions for 2013 the one I lament leaving undone the most is the weight loss and exercise. (Terribly original, I know.) For whatever reason, 2013 kicked my ass and I put on 10lbs since January of last year. I also estimate I’ve gained about 25lbs total since I graduated from college in June 2011. (Granted, I was in uncommonly good shape for me when I graduated college, swing dancing at least three times a week and swimming.)

2010(Me, December 2010)

In an effort to do better and hold myself accountable, I’ve decided to blog about my efforts to get healthier. I’m going to try to have one post a week here where I talk about how I’m doing and, as an experiment, I’m going to post weekly progress pics too…

I’ve always been pretty lucky weight-wise. I inherited a kick-ass metabolism from my dad and could pretty much eat whatever I wanted and never get beyond pleasantly round. (This is also probably due to the fact that for much of my life I had HUGE boobs. Other women their weight goes to their thighs, mine went straight to the boobs and left the rest of me relatively skinny.)

But mid-20s my metabolism began to slow (as it tends to do) and I also began to eat worse because I had my own car and I am, by nature, a somewhat lazy person. (Cooking is hard and I’m hungry now…) Fast food became my dietary staple and year by year the weight piled on, the boobs got bigger, and my backpain became so constant it didn’t even occur to me that I shouldn’t have backpain.

star wars 453March 2012

Then in 2012, after a horrible experience shopping for a New Year’s Eve dress that I could cram my ginormous boobs into (straw meet camel’s back), I finally decided to have breast reduction surgery.

b(December 2011, pre-surgery)

b23(October 2012, post-surgery)

After the surgery it was a miracle: I could wear all these beautiful dresses I’d never have been able to fit in before because of my boobs. I didn’t have to go to a specialty store to get bras. I could exercise more easily. Random strangers didn’t feel the need to stop and gape at my chest on the street and say, “Oh my God!” (This happened A LOT. People suck.)

But, most miraculous of all, I didn’t have backpain anymore. Let me say that again: After living with constant pain in my back and shoulders basically since puberty, I didn’t have ANY backpain after my surgery.

OK, this post is supposed to be about weight loss, so why am I bringing up the reduction surgery?

Because the fucking backpain is (pardon the pun) back. As I put on more weight, my boobs are creeping back into ginormous territory again. Also my jeans are tighter, a lot of the pretty dresses I bought don’t fit right now (and it’s not even because of the boobs, the rest of me is too big now!) I have less energy. I look at pictures from 2011 (when I was exercising) and 2012 (right after my surgery) and I look so happy and much healthier. I don’t even have that many pictures from 2013 because I was so unhappy with the way I looked.

So, time to change, time to take charge. Time to be a fucking adult and be responsible for my body and my health.

It’s only been two days so far but I’ve done OK. 1500 calories yesterday. Little over 1200 today (that’s if I don’t eat anything else before I go to sleep.) The thing I’m taking as a good sign for today, though, is that I went out to lunch at The Habit with my coworkers and still managed to stay under on calories.

For those of you who don’t know: The Habit is a fabulous burger place in SoCal, and usually a meal there is more than 1200 calories and it’s basically all I can eat for the day.

Now, typically my attitude is: I’m eating out, I don’t want to make healthy substitutions; I want to eat this food they way I like it. Well, that’s fine if you only eat out once a month or less, but when you’re getting fast food multiple times a week (as my lazy ass has been) then that is pretty damn unhealthy.

Today, instead of having my usual cheeseburger on white with everything, I had a lettuce wrap cheeseburger with no mayo and I substituted sweet potato fries for regular. And even with the substitutions it was still a damn tasty lunch. I know not the healthiest, but it’s hundreds of calories less than my usual, and I was still able to have dinner tonight and hit pretty close to my daily goal. Oh and! and! my coworker brought in sugar cookies today and I didn’t have any.

I know this is the first burst of willpower that accompanies starting a diet, but in the past I probably wouldn’t have made the substitutions at all. I would have said, “Screw it,” had my usual, gone WAY over on calories and started the diet over again tomorrow. So I’m taking this as a good sign. ^_^

Takes about 90 days to form a habit they say. Day 2 down, 88 more to go.

Here are the “progress” pics, btw, what I look like today. My starting point. (I took two of these in the bathroom at work, which has horrid lighting that makes you look dead, especially if you’re a pasty Irish girl like me. Maybe in the future I’ll try to get my sister to take the progress pics…)

1-14-2014 face1-14-20141-14-2014a

So, that’s my big mission this year: to not look like this ^ at the end of this year but to look slimmer, feel healthier, be happier.

Wish me luck… ๐Ÿ˜‰


7 thoughts on “Weight Loss: Time to Kick Some Ass (Namely mine)

  1. YES. I would suggest Tumblr-ing it, if you find yourself wanting more than once a week. Its a good community, and I AM THERE. PS, Pasadena Aquatics Center has swim classes for $72 bucks for 3 weeks. Hint. Just, y’know, HINT.

  2. You go girl! I can’t relate to the issues you have with your breasts (I’m one of those weight in the thighs women), but I can sympathize. I’m sure that was not easy. You have started this journey that will get tough before it gets easy. It’ll scare you, make you mad, make you so happy, and it’ll sadden you. It’ll push you to your limit and drag you through hell, but once you make it through all of that, you’ll remember why you did it and finally realize how worth it all was. You made excellent choices and you should be proud of that. Keep doing that. It’ll eventually become second nature. I wish you the best throughout this journey of yours. You have what it takes to finish it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Beth, I think you’re super-cute either way, thinner or thicker. (I know, that doesn’t help, but I feel it’s worth saying).

    But I totally, totally understand the angst brought on by not fitting into clothes that once fit. Boy, do I. I’ve gained… a large number of pounds since college (admittedly that was 10+ years ago for me). Way more than you would expect to gain normally in that time period. PCOS is partially to blame, but also, a lot of the time I just don’t have the fucks to give about what I eat, and moving my mouse arm playing Skyrim is about all the exercise I get. And unless I am constantly dieting, I keep gaining. It’s depressing.

    I want to lose weight, but I also don’t want to take up too much time and headspace doing so. I could spend that time writing. Y’know?

    But you have my cheering and my well wishes, in any case.

    • Ah, Lise, you’re sweet. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I totally understand the not having headspace for dieting. For me I just got so sick of eating crap and feeling like crap because of that. I really started paying attention to how I felt after I had, say, fried zucchini for dinner and it usually ended up that I felt really crummy and not even full. Not worth it. It’s only been a week, but I already feel better not eating everything fried and dipped in chocolate. For me, it makes a big difference if I just drag my butt to the grocery store regularly. When I have food at home it’s much easier to convince myself I don’t need to go out to eat.

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