Year of Books: How’d I Do? (PART FOUR and Wrap-Up)

At the beginning of this year I decided to track how many books/novellas/screenplays I read in a year because I’d never done it before.  (Note: I read a bunch of flash and short stories so I didn’t really track those…)

Here’s the list with dates I finished reading it, and my ratings of the stuff I’ve read…and this is the final part of the list for 2013 for those who’ve been following along.


+=This is a book I’ve already read that I was re-reading


*=Hated It (Usually if I hate something I don’t finish it. Life’s too short.)

**=Didn’t Like it (This usually means the book started off well then fell down OR it had some big deal-breaking plot element that ruined all the good things for me.)

***=I Liked It (I enjoyed my reading experience, probably won’t reread, though)

****=I REALLY Like It (Very much enjoyed, will re-read but falls short of inspiring my gasping, fan-girlish glee)

*****=I LOVED IT (This usually means I want to chase people down the street waving the book and screaming, “READ IT!”)


(My Favorite Reads of 2013 here.)

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84. +Holiday Sparks by Shannon Stacey ***** (12/16/13)

^This is my favorite holiday novella. I reread it every year.

85. Twisted by Laura K. Curtis **** (12/18/13)

^I don’t usually read Romantic Suspense (too much people having sex while villains are shooting at them usually) but I really enjoyed this one. The ending was a bit over the top but I will be looking out for more from this author.

86. +Fair Game by Josh Lanyon ***** (12/22/13)

87. Die Upon a Kiss by Barbara Hambly ***** (12/28/13)

88. Wet Grave by Barbara Hambly **** (12/31/13)

And that’s it. Those are all the books I read this year. ^_^

Let’s do some stats…

Total Number of books/novellas/screenplays read: 88

New Books Read: 52

The longest it took me to read a book was 16 days for Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch.

I averaged about 4 days between books.

And the genres?

(If I read something twice this year I didn’t count it twice for this…)

Science Fiction/Fantasy: 31

Romance: 30

Mysteries: 13

Nonfiction: 7

Other: 2