Writing in 2013–How’d I Do?


A new thing I tried this year to manage my productivity better (and, you know, actually treat my writing as the business I am trying to make it into) was to mount a big ass calendar right over my desk and every day I write my word count for the day. I then add up my word count at the end of the week, month, and year to see how I’ve done. I also (eventually) started counting how many days in a month I didn’t write. (And then mentally flogged myself if the number went too high without good reason).

Since I have all these lovely statistics at my fingertips I thought I’d write them down here to keep track for myself and to share with posterity in case anyone else is interested.

Total Word Count for 2013: 152,532 new words written

Month Where I Wrote the Most: March at 40,537 words (This was the month I was really, really good about not skipping writing days. Funny how that helps with word count! ;P)

Month Where I Wrote the Least: June at just 1,300 words (my cat nearly died so that month disappeared into the Making Sure Orly Lives project.)

Most Words Written in a Single Day: 7,789 words on April 10th when I was finishing the first draft of my novel, A Midsummer Night’s Fling.

So, with all these words written, what did I end up producing?

A Midsummer Night’s Fling at 100, 790 words (Complete contemporary romance novel, out on submission)

Campanian, my screenplay, which doesn’t have a word count function but is at 123 pages, guestimate about 25,000 words (Currently in first draft form, soon to be revised)

“Five Important Uses for Your Cyber Shot Air Gun” at 3,366 words (short SF story, out on submission)

“The Weaver” at 995 words (fantasy flash story, out on submission)

“The Spirits Didn’t Come” at 1,007 words (fantasy flash story, posted on THIS website as a Christmas present for my readers. :D)

For 2013, I averaged about 418 words a day. Which isn’t awful, but I know I can do better.


Finish two novels (100K each) OR Finish one novel (100K) and several smaller projects (like the screenplay) that will equal 100K

Write 1000 words a day

Write every day no matter what, even if I can’t make 1000 words

Publish at least one thing