Best of the Blog 2013

This is what my 2013 looked like, at least on the blog anyway. 🙂

*I had a TARDIS dress made by KMK Designs to wear to a swing dancing Halloween ball. It turned out really well, and I am so, so happy with it. I cannot WAIT to wear it again!

2013-10-31 20.50.37*I threw a big swing dancing birthday party and managed to con all my nearest and dearest into attending. It was so much fun.

Blog*I was accepted into the Viable Paradise writing workshop, which is taught by some truly amazing SF/F authors and editors (to name drop: Elizabeth Bear, Scott Lynch, Steve Gould, Steve Brust, James Macdonald, Debra Doyle, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, and Theresa Nielsen Hayden). I met some amazing people, and I learned a LOT.

Group shot 1*I fell in love with Pacific Rim.

*I co-starred in a (very short) film for one of my friends.

5715355_orig*I started my 100 Days, 100 Movies project, which is my project to watch and review all the 100+ movies on the AFI Top 100 American Films List. So far I’ve managed to review 14 of the films on the list for the blog. Although I’ve seen a lot more I’ve been slacking on writing the posts. Sorry, folks. :/

BONUS: Some of my favorite films from 100 Days so far (click title to read review):

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Star Wars

Toy Story

*And, to cap the blog-year, I wrote a flash fiction piece, “The Spirits Didn’t Come,” that was a sort of “what if” riff on the Scrooge story and people seemed to enjoy it. Which was a nice little Christmas present to me. 😉