Saturday Shorts: Fairy Tales

hF20F649CI don’t know how regular a thing this will be, but I discovered some really awesome short stories (free! online!) and I thought I would point you guys to them if you happen to be bored this lovely Saturday morning. Or if you’re an agoraphobic vampire who would die if he went outside. You know. Either way. 🙂

Hope you enjoy the reads.

The Sea Witch Sets the Record Straight” by Ursula Vernon, posted on her website.

The Little Mermaid told from the POV of the Sea Witch. This was my favorite bit:

Seriously, you start stealing people’s voices and using them yourself and pretty soon you don’t know which voice is yours and which one’s an echo and then you’re mad and howling and people are standing around in caves during low tide asking where the screaming’s coming from and someone else is saying “Oh, it’s just some trick of the acoustics.”

            Go ahead, laugh. That trick of the acoustics is my Great-Aunt Meryl and you don’t want to wait for high tide. I’ve seen her tear the head off an elephant seal. With her nails.

Ursula makes good art too.

“The Wrong Foot” by Stephanie Burgis, posted on the Daily Science Fiction Website (which is such a misnomer because they have all kinds of SF/F on there.)

This is a really original spin on the Cinderella story. This was my favorite bit:

…it finally struck me with some force that there might well have been a reason why the prince’s dance partner had fled. From the strength of his grip, and the way his gaze had already turned back to my bosom, I began to doubt that he had drawn her aside for her conversational skills.

Hope you liked the reads. 🙂