Conversations With My Sister: Part Two

Last week I shared a recent conversation with my sister because I thought it was funny. Here, we have Part Two. Enjoy. 🙂

(Disclaimer: Some salty language ahead…)

Beth: I really think my theater book stuff could be a TV show. BEST TV SHOW EVER

Sister: But then it succeeds, and the network wants more seasons than there is material for. And the love triangle would have to drag on forever. and half the fans would be pissed when one guy lost the girl.

B: And she’d have to sleep with both.

S: She’d have to sleep with both of them A LOT.

B: Yes. and have a secret baby.

S: that’s a lot of monkey sex for one girl

B: it’s a hard life. hard life. heh heh heh

S: ba dum tish