Conversations With My Sister: Part One

The joke between my sister and I is that we share a brain. Whenever we watch movies together many, many times one of us will say something sassy, or make a joke, or comment on the action and the other one will immediately turn to her and say, “Get OUT of my head!”

In other words, we think amazingly alike, we love a lot of the same stuff, and our senses of humor are almost exactly in sync. (This also means that pop culture references fly fast and free when we talk to each other.)

Which ALL means that when we talk to each other sometimes we get a little…silly. I snagged bits of an IM conversation we recently had (with my sister’s permission) because I thought it would make a fun blog. So I hope you enjoy! 🙂

(Fair warning, slightly salty language ahead…)

Me and ValConversations With My Sister: Part One

BETH: I read the BEST quote the other day from Hiddles. About Loki.

SISTER: Do tell

B: “People say the opposite of love isn’t in fact hate. It’s indifference and that love and hate are united by passion. And Loki hates Thor which means he must, in his heart, still love Thor.” I mean. Just. gnnughnghh. So many feels!

S: these are the quotes of which slash-fic are made. Has Hiddles never met the internets?! But seriously, ungggh unghuggh

B: Brotherly love. Get your mind off their tight pants. Jeez, sis. ;P Although I did say the other day that I wanted to be the filling in a Thor/Loki sandwich.

S: Dear god, YES. Iron Man can play too. And Cap. And Hawkeye.

B: Um, Avenger gangbang really

S: YES!!!

B: We are beyond redemption, my love

S: Widow can stay home and polish her bodysuit.

B: Ooh. Coulson has to come. ha. Come. (what is WRONG w/ me? OMG)

S: He’d just be happy to be invited

B: Sis, I made a cum pun. did you see the come pun?

S: I saw

B: The hammer is my penis.