Links! For Tuesday! Whee!

Not enough exclamation points…

So, I got swamped and wasn’t able to post, which means I’ve been collecting links for a couple weeks now and so I have a surfeit of awesome to share with you today. Yay. 😀

Dog tries to drink from a drinking fountain. Adorableness ensues.

All right, we had the dog, now to keep things even, here are 28 Cats Having a Way Worse Day Than You. #10 and #11 are my favorites. Also #14. And #18. And…

Have I mentioned how much I love Date by Numbers‘ Kelton Wright? I love that girl. Follow her blog if you aren’t already. She’s an amazing writer:

“But there is a loneliness to life, a certain type of grief that settles at the bottom of the pan, so you must stir and stir and stir.  If you are sedentary in life, so shall you be in your heart.  And the bitter taste is only a reminder that it needs some salt, some pepper, some attention.  Stir.”

Anyone else watching Agents of SHIELD? Anyone else totally IN LOVE with Clark Gregg? Found a fun interview with him at Empire Online. Oh, Son of Coul, how I love thee. 🙂

blog 1

And, if you’re having a crummy week and even the Son of Coul can’t cheer you up…25 Things to Do When You’re Feeling Down.

And if THAT doesn’t work….

Here’s a red panda playing with a pumpkin. Happy fall.