Monday Links 9/16/13

This week’s collection of interesting and fun stuff that I found on the internet…

The internet’s big sister. Date by Numbers. Dating advice. Self-empowerment. Beautiful writing. And good music! I’ve been working my way through her archives and I adore her blog.

I don’t know why I keep finding all these awesome poems on the internet but here’s one from the brilliant Neil Gaiman:

The [backspace] merchants sell deletions and removals,
masters of the world (or so they claim)
they go by many hundred different names 
and live inside a giant block of Spam.
Yet another masterful takedown from John Scalzi. John Scalzi: This is what a feminist looks like.

I know I’m probably way behind the times here but I just started watching the Lizzie Bennet diaries. The LBD is this great series of short “webisodes” set in modern times but riffing brilliantly on Pride and Prejudice. It is awesome. (I literally have no excuses for missing out on this for so long because one of my old friends Julia Cho plays Charlotte Lu on the show.)

This is the first episode: