My Brush with Stardom (not really…)

I live in LA which means you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting people interested in The Biz. Heck, I myself am trying to break in as a screenwriter.

A few months ago, one of my friends was shooting a short for his company Ironic Cowboy Productions. In their own words they “are a group of filmmakers working to grow in our craft. We are currently making no/low budget short films to explore all aspects of filmmaking. We are encouraging each other to step out of our comfort zones and try new things.” Check out their website.

They were having trouble finding an actress for their first short and asked me. (Since I have some acting experience way, WAY back in time.) I had not yet ever set foot on a film set, any kind of film set EVER. So I jumped at the chance.

This was the first time I ever “acted for the camera.” So I had to work on hitting my mark. Saying my lines. And I had to do about 50 takes because we had a non-screw top beer doubling for a screwtop. I actually had a blister on my hand the next day from opening the beer bottle the next day. Ah, the things I suffer for my art!!!

5715355_orig(Honestly, I think my Rick Springfield t-shirt upstaged me. lol. Darn scene-stealer!)

It was really fun. And, let me tell you, low budget or no budget these guys acted like pros. Our director Dan took our performances seriously, he took the shooting seriously. He worried about getting the lighting right and continuity. We even had someone taking production stills for posterity.

I was very impressed and hope I can work on another one of their productions sometime in the future. 🙂

So, without further debut, I present you with my YouTube debut LEFTOVERS.


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