Monday Fun Links 9/9/13

Hello, Chaps!

Here’s a collection of fun links and videos I gathered throughout the week to help you get through that most dreaded of all days…Monday!

*“It Was a Day” A great poem from writer Ursula Vernon about telling stories and what it means to be a writer:

It was a day not at all like today
a day where the sun shone very brightly around the edges
that you realized that you could write that future.

You could blot out all those old arguments in your head by asking each character “What happens next?”
“And what do you say?”
“And are there ninjas?”

I really love this poem. 🙂

*Chance for You to Be Helpful Link. A survey from Mary Robinette Kowal about Diversity in SF/F fandom. Go take it if you’ve got a sec.

*Useful Link. “21 Tips to Make Your Book Better, for New Writers” by Sophia McDougall.

7)   Do not assume that your character is coming across as likeable just because you based him on yourself.

8)   Or on Batman.

*An interesting perspective from author Rainbow Rowell on what a love for reading really means. “Learn to Read, Kid, But Don’t Fall in Love.”

I think that pushing your kids to read is sort of like pushing them to play with matches.

Reading is at least as dangerous as it is useful. At least. If you love to read — really, truly love to read — it’s more like having an addiction than a superpower.

I’m sure it helps on standardized tests and job applications. I’m sure it makes you more thoughtful, more strategic, more compassionate . . .

I’m sure that, in a way, reading sets you free.

But it also untethers you from the real world. People who fall in love with books never really stop falling.

*Last of all, a really fun video from when they were promoting the release of Skyfall. “Unlock the 007 in You.” Who wouldn’t want to be James Bond? Especially if it’s only for 70 seconds?


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