Hi all,
I just got this sketch yesterday and I had to share it with y’all.

A few weeks ago I commissioned KMK Designs to make me a Tardis dress. (If you don’t know what a Tardis is then you NEED to start watching Doctor Who. Seriously.)

This is the sketch:


I should have it October 15th. Just in time for the big Halloween Swing Dance event I plan to attend. *squee*


6 thoughts on “TARDIS DRESS!!!

      • I know that this does not equal anything to a TARDIS dress; but, I am going to make a quilt for my sister’s new baby that is drew at the end of December. I am going to write all of the family’s names in Lorenzo Sherman’s Circular Gallifreyan with a TARDIS (I hope) either on the other side of the quilt or in the middle. But it is taking forever to write all the names in Gallifreyan. Hahaha.

      • Me too! I mean, it’s not an official Gallifreyan, but I think it is going to look brilliant. I will be posting the images of the different names. and my progress on my blog. Feel free to follow! 🙂

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