Music Break: My Favorite Songs

I thought it might be fun to do a music break of some of my favorite songs that might be a bit more obscure to most people.

“Return of the Eagle” — The Eagle Soundtrack

I’ve probably talked about my love for Atli Ovarsson before. He’s an up and coming film composer. I love, love his whole score for The Eagle. But my favorite track is this one, which is played for the last scene and the end credits. Great bounce, love the instrumentation and the folksy flavor. I play this all the time when I need a Cheer-Me-Up song.

“I Gotta Get Thru This” — Daniel Bedingfield

I discovered this song after watching this fabulous Tango number from SYTYCD Australia:

Love the guitar in this. (I also love the dancing in this video.)

“Woman Like You”–Lee Brice

I really love the way that male country singers talk about women and being in love. It’s sweet and refreshing.

So these are some of my favorites. What are yours? 🙂


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