Clap If You Believe in Fairies

OK, this is a test to see how many people are actually reading this. Sort of a voice in the wilderness thing.

If you have read this blog post, drop a comment. You don’t have to say anything (although it might be nice to introduce yourself. I don’t bite.)

I’m just curious how much I’m talking to myself over here.

So, to review, clap if you believe in fairies and drop a comment in the collection plate if you actually read this…


3 thoughts on “Clap If You Believe in Fairies

  1. I was buying Cinder form Amazon when the name “Freddie” came across my mind. I don’t know why but I felt compelled to search for your book. Voilà, here it is in paperback! I am so proud of you, Beth! I still remember how perplexed I was at the title “Air to the Underground” when you told me about this book you wrote/were editing in the dorm… The publication is indeed something. Congratulations!

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