Review: SMASH- “The Surprise Party” S.2, E.10

So, I sort of got into Smash despite myself. In the first season the pilot was strong, and I loved all the Marilyn stuff but there were a LOT of problems. They finished strong with the season finale, but then season 2 they switched show runners and things were a hot mess again. So I gave up on Smash.

And then I saw “I Heard Your Voice in a Dream” on a friend’s FB page and the show had sucked me back in again. (The dancing in that number is A-mazing!)

So, in this episode, Jimmy and Karen are together and sneaking around so Derek won’t find out because he’s directing their show, and Jimmy knows Derek will freak when he finds out (which Derek does, of course). In the Bombshell plot, Ivy and Tom are still estranged because he cast her evil mother in the play. So, as a way to get Ivy back as a friend, Tom sets up a FABULOUS b-day surprise for her.

The Jimmy/Karen stuff is getting cuter and sexier. I think they have better chemistry than her and Dev did in S1. I didn’t like Jimmy at first but I’m warming to him. (His singing helps with that. Ah, talent.) The romance did get off to a rocky start for me. Their first kiss was SO stupid. He’s freaking high and she acts like it’s romantic. It is not romantic when the guy is only kissing you because he’s high. And the, he’s still high, and she tells him to go inside to meet a bunch of important Broadway people. Good job, Karen, way to ruin the boy’s career in one easy step. I really hate the way they treat his addictions. And this episode, seriously, Karen?! You find drugs in the guy’s pocket but you don’t SAY anything? WTF? Karen was raised in the midwest, I think she would freak out about that shit. I grew up in LA and I would throw a huge hissy if I found that shit on my boyfriend.


This is the episode with the Liza Minelli cameo. The storyline was cute with Tom making a song up for Ivy, but Liza herself was kind of a mess. I’m sorry, I feel like this makes me anti-Broadway or something but…don’t have Liza just to have Liza. For one thing, she’s not even LiZa anymore. It looked like they had to re-dub all her dialogue and she was shaking during the number. I wish Christian Borle had gotten to do the whole number himself. They don’t let him sing enough. He is adorable as Tom, though. All the time. Perpetually.

I also love Derek, but I don’t like him with Karen. At all. Ivy and Derek were cute together, that was one of the few things they got right in S1. So the ending of this episode made me very happy indeed. 🙂

The romance between Debra Messing and Jesse L. Martin is looking to be very cute. I hope they let him sing soon. He has the most gorgeous voice.


A mixed bag of average. Some cute relationship stuff going on, but no good songs. (I will forgive an episode a lot if they just give me a good song.) And they are annoying me with the way they are dealing with Jimmy’s drug problem. So, nothing horrible, but no OMG awesome moments either. Just kind of ho-hum. I am excited for Round 2 of Derek and Ivy, though.