Music Break: Alternative

I tend to think of the “alternative” genre all my catchall for that mellow sort of bluesy stuff that isn’t really pop, rock, or rap. I don’t know if that is technically correct outside my own head but it works for me. So, today, I bring you a selection of my new favorite alternative tunes. Enjoy!

Lana del Rey is so freaking gorgeous and she has this incredible voice. What a b*tch, right? lol

Lana del Ray-“Summertime Sadness”

The Script-“Nothing”

This has a great chorus. Very singable, great for the car, lol.

Imagine Dragons-“It’s Time”

Great beat. Love the chorus on this one too. Very anthem-y.

So, what about you? Got any “alternative” recs for me? I always need new music, as you can see. ;P