Happy Birthday to Me! (Dancing Edition)

Last night I had my birthday party at a local swing club, and I thought you guys might enjoy seeing some of the pics.

This was my FABULOUS birthday dress. This is seriously the most I have ever been complimented on one of my swing-dancing dresses (and, if I do say so myself, I’ve got a pretty killer wardrobe).

aaaA lot of my friends and family showed up. Including my ten year old nephew (escorted by his mother). I thought he’d be intimidated by the dancing but he loved it. Kept asking to the ladies to dance! LOL. He, of course, executed the moves with more enthusiasm than skill but give him time!

BlogOf course, the real reason to have a dance party for my birthday was so I could display my Mad Skillz to all and sundry right? lol.


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A very successful birthday all in all. And very fun.


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