Music Break: Country One-Shots

Today I’ve picked songs (and they all just happened to be country) where, for whatever reason, these are the only songs I own from the artist. Could be they’re relatively new, could be they don’t usually work for me. Whatever the reason, these are the only songs I own from these artists. So far. I’ve got my eye on Kacey Musgraves, though. Her lyrics are A-mazing.

Enjoy! Any artists that are relatively successful but for you, for whatever reason, they might as well be a one hit wonder?

(I’m trying 5 songs this week versus the usual three. Thoughts?)

“Merry Go ‘Round”–Kacey Musgraves

I’m a sucker for clever lyrics. I won’t be surprised if I buy more of her stuff in the future.

“Remind Me”–Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood

I have more Carrie Underwood stuff but, for some reason, Brad Paisly and I don’t gel. Until this song.

“Family Tree”–Darryl Worley

That Darryl Worley is one tall drink of water, huh? ;P

“Suds in the Bucket”–Sara Evans

This one is so fun. Great to crank the volume and just drive.

Fair warning, this last song is total ear worm. You will never get it out of your head!
“Beer Money”–Kip Moore

Hope you liked the music. Tune in next week. Any genres people are interested in? I’ll take requests and raid my iTunes. ;P