Music Break: The Beauty’s Beast

The Beauty's Beast Web FileWhen I’m writing, music is a pretty important part of the process so I thought it might be fun for this week’s music break to share some of the music that helped inspire me while I was writing one of my books. Starting with my first book, The Beauty’s Beast, likewise seemed a natural choice.

You can learn more about The Beauty’s Beast here, but basically it’s a sweet romance starring a cursed werewolf knight and the lady who loves him. It’s based on “Bisclavret,” a medieval poem by Marie de France, and the novel is set in an alternate medieval past. This meant I listened to a lot of floaty, Celtic-y music.

Loreena McKennitt is your musical friend when you write these kind of books I think. This is one of my favorite songs from her.

Other good Loreena McKennitt songs: Skellig, The Mummer’s Dance, The Bonny Swans, Never-ending Road

Other good medieval style music comes from The Medieval Babes (they spell it old skool style but I can’t make my keyboard do that…). The Babes actually sing many of their songs IN old English.

Other good songs by The Medieval Babes: Kinderly, I am Eve, Return of the Birds (this reminds me of my character Llewellyn from the book)

And then, just to change things up, there was some Regina Spektor in the mix, too. She has such a romantic, dreamy aesthetic at times. Love her.

Other good songs by Regina Spektor: Us, Fidelity, That Time

What about you? Know any good folksy, medieval-esque songs? How’d you like these? 🙂


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