It’s Monday, Have a Video. Have Several!

I’ve noticed a lot of sites do “Friday Videos” but, really, when do you need a funny video to brighten your humdrum life? On Friday when you’re free, free, FREE for the weekend? Or on Monday when you’re facing five more days of day-job grind?

I think the answer should be fairly obvious. And so, I announce a new feature for Zee Blog: The Monday Video.

To kick us off. A few videos from Lord of the Rings…the Musical.

This is a real thing that exists. Happy Monday!

(The music is surprisingly good. I can’t speak to the rest of the show, having never seen it. Although the costumes and a lot of the choreography seems on the silly side of things. Still. Enjoy!)

Galadriel’s big number (I love this actress’ voice):

This is my favorite song ever. Duet between Frodo and Sam. SO GOOD.

Do you have a geeky video you think would be perfect for next Monday? Drop a line. Let us know. 🙂

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