Everyone else is doing a resolutions post so, hey, why not me too?

Basically, my main theme this year is Moving Forward. Last year I did get a lot done and I think I need to remember to give myself credit for that. I started my post-college adulthood. I got a car. I got an apartment. I finally had the breast reduction I have wanted ever since puberty hit me like a mack truck. I got myself a literary agent (Hi, Susan!).

So, but now, I cannot rest on my laurels. I need to move forward. I need to grow and change and Get Sh*t Done this year. I cannot slack on taking care of myself. I want to have new adventures, socialize more, grow more. Last year was about getting my ducks in a row. I feel like this year should be about knocking those ducks down like a Shooting Range of AWESOMENESS. (First order of business for New Year: work on my metaphors).

To that end, I present you my shortlist of New Year’s Resolutions. And I really, sincerely hope that when I come back and look at these on Dec. 31, 2013 I don’t have to blow a big fat raspberry of failure at myself.

My (Official) Resolutions for 2013:

1. Start learning a martial art

This is something I have always, always wanted to do. I write a lot of ass-kicking heroines. I would like to learn how to do some ass-kicking myself.

2. Visit a foreign country

Would you believe I have never been out of the U.S.? EVER?! This is starting to bug me more and more as the years roll by. So, this year, I will get my passport. I will fly over the big blue wet thing and I will set foot on foreign soil. YES.

3. I will complete one large writing project and one small writing project

I did get a lot done in 2011 but one place where I really want to be more productive is the writing. Lots of personal stuff went down this year for me (recovering from surgery took longer than expected, I had a hellacious commute, I was moving and helping my mother move for large portions of the summer). As a result, I didn’t accomplish as much with the writing as I wanted. I did finish one novel, but I know if I put my nose to the grindstone I could write WAY more than that. In 2013 I shall make this so.

4. Figure out What’s Next? as far as my day job goes.

Right now I’m working at a job below my education level and certainly well below my skillset and intellect (hello, crappy economy!). I do like the job and the people, but I know this is about the last year that I can stay where I’m at without being stuck. So this year I need to decide if I want to go back to school (where? for what?) or if I want to try to move up in my current company (which path? what job?). Or maybe I just want to move to New Zealand and live in Hobbiton. (Now that you mention it, I kind of do…)


(Hel-lo, Samwise, you ol’ cutie you)

5. Weight/Exercise

I feel like such a cliche even having these on the list. I mean, aren’t they pretty much a New Year’s given for everyone? Aren’t I sort of jinxing myself even by putting them on the list? Maybe. But I’m also holding myself accountable. When life starts to stress me I tend to comfort eat. That needs to stop. And I need to exercise more. I love swing dancing and I haven’t gone in months and not for any good reason except winter seems to have given me a general case of the Fuck-Its when it comes to leaving the house. No more. Tomorrow: I dance!

OK, now, I shall give you a list of things which I would like to accomplish but which are more ancillary goals and which I will not actually beat myself up about if I don’t get them done.

My (Non-Official) Resolutions for 2013:

1. Take horseback riding lessons

This is another of those “always wanted to try it” things. But I figure if I get the martial arts thing started this year I don’t have to feel too bad about putting horseback riding on the backburner for another year

2. Organize my bookshelves

This is something I should have done when I moved in, but now I’ve put it off and put it off until it’s become the last big loose end from my move. I’ve also been in a pattern of moving once a year for the past six years so I’ve sort of fallen in to the “why decorate/organize when you’re just going to be moving in a few months anyway”. But it’s important to make the space you’re in feel like your space, right?’

3. Finish my half-completed fantasy novel

RuukAnnithCover big

(Cheesy ManTitty Romance cover for incomplete fantasy novel created by my most excellent sister.)

This is a book I love that I’ve been batting around on and off for the last two years. The last time I put “Minion” down to finish my contemporary romance “Beauty and the Bouncer,” which is the book that landed me my agent so I can’t feel TOO bad. Still, I love the characters in “Minion” and, once I meet my above stated quota of finishing one BIG writing project and one LITTLE writing project, I would like to dig back in and finish “The Minion and the Mistress.”

4. Sleep like a normal person

Case in point: Hello, it’s 1:05 am and I am awake. And blogging. And I have work at 7:30am. I’m genetically encoded to be a night owl, but I like being able to go early and leave early at my day job, which means I need to be asleep at a reasonable hour to get UP at a reasonable hour. But, more often than not, especially the last few months, I’ve been staying up all night, dragging through my day at work, passing out when I get home at 5pm, waking up at 10-11pm and staying awake until 4am. I crash for two hours then wake up to start my day anew and the whole cycle starts again. I need to institute a standard bedtime/wake up time and STICK TO IT. No matter how warm and cozy my bed is on the weekends.

5. See more of my friends

Because you can never spend too much time with your friends, right?

So, that’s what I hope my 2013 will look like. How about you?