UPDATE: Christmas Edition

Hullo! I’m still here. Despite the Mayans best attempts. (Personally, I think the Doctor saved us all from fiery apocalypse. Again. Have you thanked your mad man in a blue box today?)

All right, what have I been up to while I wasn’t here, you wonder?

Took my mom to see Anything Goes. It was AWESOME. The big tap number alone was worth the price of admission, we both agreed. My mom adores tap dancing so it was really worth it for me to see her face light up when the number started. You can see a version of the number on you tube but, as great as that is it still can’t capture the sheer, gleeful high you get from seeing people do it live. (Here it is, watch it anyway…)

As soon as the number was over I just wanted to hit the “replay” button and watch it over again. But, of course, that doesn’t work with live people. More’s the pity. The costumes were also very awesome. The main character, Reno, wears this gorgeous red sparkly dress with a fringy skirt for “Blow, Gabriel, Blow” and I CRAVE it. Fringey skirts are kind of a weakness of mine. This was the national touring company, and we had an understudy playing Reno instead of Rachel York, but I thought it was a great production. Funny, entertaining. If I was made of money I would go see it again in a heartbeat.

On the writing front, I’m working on a holiday themed novella. Which is quite fun. Fake fiances. Family drama. Masquerade balls. Exploding turkeys. And Christmas miracles. What else does the holiday season NEED?

Although the book doesn’t need to be done until March, I suspect I need to finish it before the holiday cheer wears out or it might become a little difficult to recapture that feeling. I also suspect, as usual, the story will end up longer than I meant it to be. It’s supposed to be 30K words and I’m at 13K…and I’m most definitely NOT halfway done. Sigh. I’ve started an inspiration board for it on Pinterest because, well, because Pinterest is my crack, basically. Any excuse to pin. Any at all.

OH! I saw The Hobbit and quite liked it. I even had a nice lovely long discussion with one of my fellow Nerdgirls at my other blog.  Check out the discussion here. We get quite geeky. And there are pictures of Richard Armitage!