Update: A Friday Night Edition

OK, so that was a long radio silence, eh?

I don’t have much of an excuse except I was moving in July and then helping my mom move in August so those months were pretty much eaten up with organization and moving related to the moves. But now everyone’s settled so I have some attention to spare again. So…


I realized while I was gone that I don’t really have a game plan for this blog and that maybe I should get one. If only to get some kind of traffic here. Not sure what that should be, though. I’m not famous so me just blathering about random stuff isn’t really going to bring in the hordes of screaming fans. I’m just not that clever. Dunno. ‘Tis a dilemma.
But, anyway, for now the gameplan is just to keep blathering about the random shit until I get a better gameplan. Fun for you, right? ;P
Tomorrow I’ve made plans to hang with my mom. She just adopted the two cutest little kittens. I think one has to be part ragdoll because you pick him up and he just melts in your arms and starts purring. Holding the little critter is pretty much like cocaine. One hit and you’re hooked for life.

This week I’ve been watching The Hollow Crown, which is also like crack because I’m an English nerd and a huge Shakespeare fangirl AND I have a mega-ginormous crush on Tom Hiddleston. Richard II was good (even though Hiddles isn’t in that one). Henry IV Part 1 was REALLY good. (Hotspur is HAWT). Henry IV Part 2 was kind of meh although that did have wet, half-naked Hiddles. And I’m sort of saving up Henry V because, well, they’re all 2-3 hours and this is not something I can watch in sections. But soon, soon King Hal/Hiddleston I will be ogling you as you make the speech at Agincourt. Oh yes. Soon.
In other news, I’ve been on kind of a country kick lately. And very specific country music: those cutesy songs that guy country singers sing. To wit:

And now a question: tonight my sister argued that Johnny Cash was not country. I argued that he absolutely was. Which of us was right? Support your thesis.


Beth Matthews